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About us

ChunYang Medals & Awards is a leading manufacturer and wholesaler in China for Zinc Alloy Medals, Plaque frames and award plates. Currently we are running 2 factories in PingYang County, WenZhou City of China. 

Key factors about us:
1.IP protection. We respect innovative ideas and new designs from our clients and understand each and every new design needs lot of input (creativity and time) and all of their effort should be protected.
2.Environmentally friendly polish process. All our polish machines were being replaced by the most updated environmentally friendly machines with up to 98% dust reductions to ensure the safety of our employees and the cleanliness of our workplace.
3.Employee protection. While it is kind of norm that employees work overtime in this industry, we still believe in work-life balance and all our production need to be done during day time.
4.HAND POLISH ONLY for all our zinc alloy material products, including medals, frames and award plates to maintain top quality of our products. In addition, we provide extra polish service for zinc alloy products upon requests.
5.Full range of Die-Casting Machines in place (50-240 ton) to produce items from 1cm to 30cm size in house.
6.The Only player in our region with Four plating line licensed:
1)Automatic Electro-Plating line dedicated to metal products. Plating color including: Shiny Gold, Shiny Silver, Shiny Copper; Antique Gold, Antique Silver, Antique Bronze ,Matte Gold, Matte Silver, Matte Copper and other 13 colors.
2)Automatic Electro-plating line dedicated to plastic products.
3) Automatic electrophoresis plating line for auto parts and luggage parts in black color
4)Automatic Anodized aluminum plating line.
5)Small scale manual plating lines: Barrel plating, 24k gold plating.

Our History
Year 1989: started our business with a focus on components production, including rings, metal chains, ribbons and other 100+ items.

Year 1993: First electroplating factory setup with partial ownership and offer plating service to the region.

Year 1996: Purchased second factory with 100% ownership and set up ChunYang Electro plating factory with 2000sqm space.

Year 1997: ChunYang Medals & Awards setup and as the very first player in the region offering plaque frames and stock zinc alloy insert and sport medals to whole market in China

Year 1997-2007: Becoming a well-known manufacturer and wholesaler for zinc alloy medals and plaque frames nationally with all our products finished in house.
Year 2008: Launched Jade medal series which became an iconic medal design in China market.

Year 2013: started zinc alloy award plates production and launched first Serie of 7 designs

Year 2011-2015: New factory build-up with 10000 sqm space and further strengthen our leadership in award business in China.

Year 2016: Anodize aluminum plating and electrophoresis plating lines certified in new factory.

Year 2018: all polish machines and die-casting machines renewed with latest technology. No matter how market changes, we still stick to hand polish method to ensure the top quality of our products.

Year 2018: launched 50 new medal design with focus on multi-color high quality medals and enjoyed great popularity among China market. You Can see them at our reseller’s shops in all major cities in China.

Year 2019: set up Wenzhou Grand Dream Awards Company, a sister company that deal with exportation business directly




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Tel: 0086+17717486605

Email: Shouyi.Chen@chunyangawards.com

Add: No.133 Lian Dong Road,Kun Yang Town, Ping Yang County, Zhejiang Province, China. 325400

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